Shepherd’s Gate

blog.loveintransit.orgWhen you grow up in the same town, you get familiar with the local nonprofits that exist. Perhaps the nonprofit you’re thinking of is your go-to donation drop off spot-at least that was Shepherd’s Gate for me until we got more involved.

We began working with Shepherd’s Gate through creating videos with them, and we quickly discovered their compassion and pursuit of excellence is contagious. We became instant advocates for this local nonprofit that is changing lives all around us.

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5 Questions to Ask This Fall

(In “Oprah’s Giveaway” voice) It’s SEPTEMBER!!! Do the cha cha ya’ll. 💃💃💃 This is the time of year when my internal clock starts ringing and doesn’t stop till January. My…

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Use Emotion to Drive Your Creation

  We all know there’s a big difference when we create something for ourselves versus creating something for others, especially when “others” is paying. However, the consistent thread that connects these…

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